Rubio Dorado Golden Blonde

It immediately covers the gray hair, enhancing the natural color and giving it intensity.

Mix the natural color of the hair for a more subtle and elegant result.

The comfort of a hair color that fades gradually without root effect.

Dermatologically proven formula, suitable for sensitive scalp.

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This hair color directly covers the hair fiber, with color pigments, without modifying the structure of the hair.

It covers the gray hair and adapts the natural color of the hair. Each tone is mixed with the base to obtain a subtle and natural color. The color is evenly attenuated each time the hair is washed, thus avoiding the vicious circle of the root effect.

This temporary color gel is enriched with oat flakes. highly concentrated in protein, amino acids and lipids -, recognized for its protection and antioxidant properties for hair and skin.

Each tone has been developed and formulated to fit any hair color. Inspired by the natural nuances of Parisians, it blends with the natural base to give a subtle color and a discreet result. The four-tone range is simple but complete, to easily choose the right tone.

Opt for the color closest to the natural base.



Opt for the color closest to the natural base of your hair. Easy to use does not require any type of mixing.

1-   Apply on freshly washed hair if possible with a non-silicone shampoo, to allow the color pigment to adhere to the hair ...

2-   To facilitate the application, use the brush at the hairline, and the applicator for the rest.

3-   The hair must be damp when applying the color.

4-   Leave the color gel to act for 40 minutes.

5-   Rinse abundantly with warm water.

6-   Do not wash with shampoo to obtain a more durable fixation.