The ally who sculpts your best look


The design of the look has become increasingly important. Well defined eyebrows, with proper shape, ideal thickness and perfect tone, will bring a great match to your face, giving expression, enhancing your best features or creating a lifting effect. A well-delineated eyebrow arch can instantly rejuvenate your look, and a suitable thickness can help narrow or widen your nose. For its part, long eyelashes enlarge the eye, and choosing a good combination between thickness, length and curvature of the eyelash, will allow you to obtain the aesthetic results sought.

In the Bar de Cejas y Pestañas of Claudia di Paolo you will find many services. There, the best specialists will study your face and your features and from them will sculpt your best look. 

    The aesthetic revolution that allows you to create hair where there is not
    • This revolutionary new esthetic treatment consists of drawing hair to hair the eyebrow, remarking and / or increasing its thickness if necessary, correcting its shape and even changing its color. It is a painless and non-invasive technique, with absolutely natural results and a durability of about one year.

      Inspired by Tébori, a Japanese manual tattoo technique that implants the pigment in the epidermis without deteriorating or appearing different tones to the original, microblading is the best solution to darken, modify or touch the depopulated eyebrows. It redesigns them with very fine and natural strokes, making it almost impossible to distinguish natural hair from the one designed, and its color remains stable.

      Duration: 45 minutes
      PVP: from 360€

    Defines the look to get the best facial expression
    • After a thorough study of the face physiognomy, the best specialists shape the eyebrow with a refined American hair removal technique that consists of following the natural sense of hair birth. Thanks to it, when the hair comes out again it does it in an orderly way and without producing whirling or flaccidity in the area.

      A delicate treatment respectful to the fine skin of the eye contour, prone to the appearance of wrinkles.

      PVP: 18,50 €

    Improves natural eyebrows with the application of synthetic hair
    • This treatment of English origin improves natural eyebrows, frames the face and provides a great anti-aging effect. It consists of applying synthetic hair by attaching it directly on the skin to create a three-dimensional eyebrow, more or less natural, subtle or defined depending on the needs and style of each person.

      The method of application is painless, hair by hair. And the result is waterproof, moisture proof, and lasts up to 14 days intact depending on lifestyle and home care.

      Ideal for thickening, lengthening, marking, redrawing, coloring or creating a complete eyebrow, the treatment is suitable for all age groups, all occasions and all skin types. In addition, it can be used on the skin with scars or semi-permanent makeup.

      PVP: from 20 €
      Exten cejas.jpg

    The solution to intensify, attenuate or modify the color of the eyebrows
    • Sometimes the natural tone of the eyebrow is not in line with the tone of the skin or hair, or it is sad or poor. Eyebrow pigments allow you to radically change your color, modify it more subtly, soften or intensify it according to your preferences or need.

      The treatment is performed with specific pigments for the delicate hair of this part of the body and is respectful of the eye contour.

      Duration: : 10 minutes.
      PVP: 9,50 €

    Lifting that lifts and lengthens lashes
    • This completely innovative system is a natural and non-invasive lifting that intensifies color, adds length, lifts and gives volume to lashes, making them perfect without makeup.

      During treatment, the base of the natural eyelashes and their angle of elevation are worked with extreme precision, curving the hair until it radically changes the look. Finally, color pigment is applied throughout the flange. The result is a framed eye, sweet, expressive and huge, and with an exceptional volume.

      Unlike eyelash extensions, Boost requires no maintenance and can last up to 6 weeks. It is perfect for those who have naturally very straight, very clear or very short eyelashes, or for those looking for an alternative to eyelash extensions.

      PVP: 78 €

    Tres semanas de rímel intacto
    • Imagine getting up from the bed with the perfect lashes, as if you finished them to make up. In addition to what you get with regular mascara, curl, lengthen and thicken the lashes from the root, this permanent mascara will remain intact in your lashes 24 hours a day for about 3 weeks, making your look more expressive .

      In addition to getting a permanent make-up eye effect, this treatment is ideal for correcting straight, descending or swirling eyelashes.

      PVP: 39 €

    Provides darker eyelashes that enhance the look
    • If your eyelash is very clear, a quick and easy solution is the eyelash dyeing. Provides a darker coloration, enhancing the look dramatically. In addition, it protects the hair from the bleaching action of the sun, especially aggressive for the light or blond eyelashes.

      This treatment is the perfect complement for permanent mascara. Their results are immediately visible and remain flawless for up to a month and a half.

      PVP: 18,50 €

    Longer eyelashes that instantly enlarge the eye
    • The ideal option to have the lashes you always dreamed of. They enlarge the eye instantly and, once placed, you can take them as long as you want. You only need to perform maintenance every three to four weeks.

      Your natural eyelash does not suffer when placing or carrying them, since in Claudia di Paolo only American quality mink hair lashes are used. These lashes stand out for their lightness, silky texture and natural shine. Its realization by hand, and following strict quality controls, results in homogenous lashes in length and curvature.

      In addition to incorporating them permanently into your beauty chart, they are a great complement when you have to attend a dinner, a wedding or any other special event.

      First time: 50 minutes
      PVP: 85 €

      Duración mantenimiento: 20 minutos
      PVP:45 €