Professional make-up services and courses 

Bar Maquillaje.jpgThe Bar De Maquillaje of Claudia di Paolo offers professional make-up services, where the best experts perform a study of your facial features and tonality to get the most out of your face and highlight your strengths while treating you. This is not a conventional make-up service; Is a new way of conceiving the beauty of the face and adapting it to each particular style.

In addition, in the Make-up Bar we offer individual and personalized courses that includes everything from the most basic makeup, from daily, from 5 essential ingredients, to the most current and sophisticated techniques or the tricks to correct or enhance certain areas of the face. An offer that adapts to the needs of today's women and that is being enriched with the latest trends.

Here we have in exclusive T.LeClerc products,the mythical high-end Paris brand founded in 1881 by the pharmacist Théophile LeClerc, the father of modern make-up. In order to respond to the dermatological problems that women suffered from makeup with products that included zinc, LeClerc developed a secret formula that is internationally recognized as the before and after in the history of makeup. Today its products combine efficiency and innovation with all the glamour of its historical trajectory, and they are the reference brand for countless actresses, celebrities, models and beauty professionals.  

    Adapted to the needs of each woman and the latest trends
    • Individual and personalized classes. In Claudia di Paolo you will find different lessons to the needs of today's women, which will be enriched with the latest makeup trends season by season. From the most essential to the most novel or complex technique, here you will always find the best and the last to get the most out of your facial expression:

      - The 5 essentials: to master the technique of an essential makeup. Know to use the 5 basic products to be perfect in 10 minutes: base, anti-scissors, rouge, mask and lipstick. Duration: 1 hour.

      - Angel Face: A lesson of make up in tones nude or natural for a face effect "washed" but curiously perfect, like a face of angel. Duration: 1 hour.

      - Trend Makeup: To master the techniques of fashion makeup: smoky eyes, cat eyes, fantasy shadows, glitter… Duration: 1 hour.

      - Concealer makeup:all faces, even the most beautiful, have areas that can be highlighted (eyes, lips, cheekbones ...) or that it would be better to hide. A lesson to learn how to make the most of strengths, and to know fashion techniques that help you achieve it (contouring, baking…). Duration: 1 hour.

      - Event Makeup: special dates require special resources. A course to discover how to get ready for big occasions. Duration: 1 hour.

      - Night Makeup: At night everything changes: the light, the styling, the atmosphere and even the intentions. Why not make-up? This course offers the keys to be unique at the dark. Duration: 1 hour.

      - Lips Makeup: lips, red, natural, in classic or modern colors, are fundamental part of a good makeup and require a separate chapter. Each woman has a few lips but several ways to highlight and embellish them. Duration: 1/2 hour.

      - Eyebrow Makeup: the eyebrows are the most important and decisive element in changing the expression. Well-shaped eyebrows balance the facial features, providing symmetry to the face, and can even modify it, from narrowing the nose or creating a lifting effect.

      PVP: 78 €/1 hour
      45 € / 1/2 hour

    To highlight in any celebration
    • Party makeup admits a lot of possibilities depending on whether the occasion is more or less formal, whether it is going to look day or night, in a hot summer or in a cold winter, with a more daring or more casual look, long or short, combined with certain colors ...

      If you want to hit the most appropriate makeup and be really spectacular , get into the hands of the professionals of Claudia di Paolo.

      PVP: 125 €

    To be radiant and beautiful on the most special day
    • If there is a day in the life of a woman in which she should look perfectly makeup and beautiful, it is the day of her wedding.

      Claudia di Paolo's brides are natural, elegant, sophisticated and, above all, beautiful brides. Brides who respect the personal style making the most of it. They fit the particularities of each wedding. Unforgettable brides.

      PVP: 190 €

    The touch of glamour that distinguishes and brings security
    • A makeup that gives you the touch of glamour and distinction you need for a family, social or professional event, will make you feel more secure, enjoy more and succeed.

      The professionals of Claudia di Paolo will analyze your features to favor them and correct any imperfections with the help of makeup. They will maximize your beauty, personal taste and style, and adapt it to the characteristics of the Event and the styling that you are going to show for the occasion.

      PVP: 95 €