Japanese Beauty Ceremonies

Facial room.jpgClaudia di Paolo is one of the brightest facialists and Beauty Hunters of the Spanish panorama. In her untiring search for the most advanced aesthetic treatments in the world, she always demands that they meet two conditions to be in her Beauty House:

  1. Get real and visible results.
  2. Maintain the natural beauty of the skin.

In the case of facial care, her inspiration is in Japan and his women. There she has discovered a unique skin care concept, and she has been able to check his exceptional result. For Claudia di Paolo, Japanese women are the real experts in facial care. With an age-old tradition, they take care of their appearance in an exceptional way, with the ideal of "preserving the natural beauty and youth of the skin", something that Claudia di Paolo adopts to its own life and wants to transmit to all the women.

True to her philosophy, she has exclusively imported from the Japanese country an unprecedented anti-aging solution, the so-called, Lifting without surgery, The first real alternative to invasive treatments. A unique technique that combines facial maneuvers coming from age-old techniques, with the powerful ingredients of the first brand of Haute Couture in cosmetics, EviDens de Beauté. This technique works muscle to muscle and act on the deeper layers of the skin, stimulating the production of collagen, elastin, facial nerves, subcutaneous musculature and the skin cells that increase blood circulation, bringing the nutrients of the cosmetic complex used to all corners of the face. It's like taking the skin to the gym, because the facial musculature has memory, and if you accustom your skin to work, the treatment lasts in time.

The first step of any treatment based on the Lifting without Surgery technique is to analyze the skin, measuring their real values ​​and detecting their deficiencies (collagen, amino acids, coenzyme q10, production of melanin...). A custom cosmetic complex is then prepared with the appropriate EviDens de Beauté ingredients to compensate the diagnosed deficiencies and restore natural skin balance.

Each condition of the skin has its treatment appropriate and personalized (Hydration, anti-age, flaccidity, blemishes...). And the result is, in all cases, young, healthy and strong skin.

In any of the treatments can be realized:

  • A single session, which works as if injecting vitamins on the skin, with visible results immediately.
  • An intensive treatment to restore optimal values during 5 consecutive weeks ( 1 time per week). This five session cure respects the cell cycle of 28 days of life of the skin cells, to obtain a hundred percent result.  

    Deep cleansing and oxygenation of the skin
    • Inspired by the Japanese tradition of skin purification, this facial treatment provides a deep and exceptional cleaning, releasing the skin from impurities and toxins and favoring the pore to close.

      Its spectacular results are based on the combination of an extraordinary formula, made from a concentration of assets of exceptional purity, among which are included Caprylic acid, Shea butter and bentonite, with specific maneuvers that help eliminate excess sebum and oxygenate the skin.

      The result is a smooth, soft and without shine skin.

      Duration: 1 hour
      Price: 89 €

    Deep hydration. The solution for the most dry and dehydrated skins.
    • An unprecedented anti-aging solution based on the combination of ¬54 facial maneuvers coming from age-old techniques, with 8 essential amino acids, which dramatically increase the level of hydration of the skin until restoring its level of natural hydration. The facial maneuvers employed stimulate the production of collagen and elastin, the facial nerves, the subcutaneous musculature and the skin cells that benefit and increase blood circulation, bringing the nutrients of the hydration complex to all corners of the face.

      The result is a turgid, smooth and visibly young skin.

      Duration: 1 hour
      Price: 98 €

    Reaffirming. Returns the lost density to the skin.
    • A sophisticated firming treatment that restores the density of the skin and returns the firmness lost. It combines the realization of a set of specific Japanese maneuvers to improve the density of the skin, with the placement of some bands that will function as holders so that the musculature recovers its initial position.

      The high concentration of the firming active par excellence, the triple collagen, responsible for giving smoothness, firmness, structure and elasticity to the skin, is distributed in the heart of the cells, reaching the basal layer and producing the miracle that the skin itself is capable of generating new collagen.

      The result is a true cure of tonicity and youth.

      Duration: 1 hour
      PVP: 98 €

    Anti-age par excellence. Stops cell oxidation
    • This treatment combats the premature aging of the skin. It combines a precise Japanese maneuvers called Hoko Yubi , which activate the skin and put it into operation, with a active concentrate of Coezima Q10 or vitamins PP , that reach the interior of the Skin and prevent oxidation of the cell, which is the main factor of premature aging.

      It is the infallible energy supplement that the skin needs to achieve flexibility.

      The results are visible immediately: the color of the skin is unified, the texture is smooth and the hydration is optimal. The skin is young and healthy again.

      Duration: 1 hour
      Price: 89 €

    Returns luminosity to the skin and removes stains
    • This intensive treatment is involved in all phases of the formation of dark spots, preventing them from appearing and attenuating existing ones.

      Its precious active ingredient, considered in the traditional Japanese pharmacopoeia the illuminator par excellence, has a powerful effect of inhibition of tyrosinase , responsible for the production of melanin and the appearance of skin blemishes. Thanks to its richness in flavonoids and antioxidants, it allows the skin to regain control over melanin production, while giving it an unrivaled luminosity.

      The result, visible from day one, is a luminous complexion with an homogenous tone. Reduce existing blemishes and prevent their forming.

      Duration: 1 hour
      Price: 120 €

    Absolute regeneration that reveals a new skin
    • The treatment for the most demanding. Provides an absolute regeneration of the skin in just 28 days.

      Developed by Montaigne Laboratories (Japan), this New Skin Peeling is an authentic professional program of High Tolerance with spectacular results even in the most sensitive skins. It is inspired by results in dermatological techniques of chemical peeling, but it lacks all its disadvantages, and it is a procedure that is absolutely not aggressive to the skin.

      It removes the superficial epidermal layer, stimulates the synthesis of collagen and elastane, accelerates skin cell renewal and restarts the youthful skin mechanisms , leaving a new Skin.

      Duration: 5 sessions of 1 hour
      Price: 98 €/session

    Restores the hydration and firmness of these delicate areas
    • In addition to the face, the most visible and most aging areas are the neck and neckline. Two delicate areas with a thin and sensitive skin that, like the face, is continually exposed to external agents.

      The most careful and young face should be accompanied by a firm and smooth neck and neckline, and that is where the Treatment Neck and Neckline is involved. A true tensio-firming miracle that will restore the hydration and firmness of these delicate areas.

      Duration: 1 hour
      Price: 78 €

    The ultimate anti-aging beauty solution
    • An exceptional and innovative anti-aging treatment just for lovers of perfection. It merges the sophisticated techniques of Japanese facial maneuvers called Lifting without Surgery, the first real alternative to invasive treatments, with the latest finding from the research studies of the scientific laboratories of EviDens de Beauté In Japan: the Extreme line.

      It works by stimulating vital youth functions of the skin and compensating for its deficiencies . Ir restores the physiological balance while fights premature aging and corrects visible signs.

      The results, confirmed by clinical studies, are: 150% increase in fibroblast production, 320% increase in mitochondrial activity and 97% reduction in wrinkles and expression lines.

      The effects of this non-invasive lifting, indicated for the most demanding skins, are visible from the first day. The skin reborns, resplendent and beautiful.

      Duration: 1 hour and 15 minutes
      Price: 195 €

    The anti-aging solution for the eyes
    • An exceptionally delicate treatment that moisturizes the eye contour, smoothes the wrinkles of this sensitive area of ​​the face and softens dark circles and signs of fatigue.

      It brings youth, rest and splendor.

      * This treatment can be incorporated into any of the other facial treatments. It is not done individually.

      Duration: 20 minutes
      Price: 43 €