Claudia di Paolo 2012p.jpg Claudia di Paolo is one of the brightest cosmetic specialists in Spain. Her rigor, with her untiring search for the best techniques, signatures and exclusive therapies, have earned her a great recognition at the national level. Today it is considered one of the top 10 facialists in the country, which adds to the merit of being one of the most outstanding Beauty Hunters and experts in luxury cosmetic brands. In addition, she is one of the best specialists in hair diagnosis and treatment, and is the creator of the Capillary Spa concept, the first beauty clinic in Spain dedicated exclusively to hair problems and deficiencies.

From her earliest childhood, Claudia di Paolo discovers what her true vocation would be: caring for the beauty of women. Passion that would determine her professional career and that would link from a very young age to the world of beauty and luxury and would lead her to form with the most important international figures of this sector.

The whole career of Claudia di Paolo has been built on the foundations of a firm conviction contrary to the banality, frivolity and insensitivity that are often associated with this field. For Claudia di Paolo embellish is something human that brings something that goes much more than purely aesthetic: it generates self-confidence, strength, security ... Empowers women. In addition, Claudia di Paolo understands the concept of beauty as Something simple and elegant, something that works in harmony.

This innovative idea will be the one that Claudia di Paolo will develop throughout her career, and she will do it through the pursuit of excellence and distinction, which becomes a spirit of perfection and customer service. And it is the idea that has been transferring over the years to all his team, in addition to providing all his experience and training and, of course, her passion. The whole team of Claudia di Paolo is made up of people who share this way of understanding beauty and this spirit of effort to keep growing and innovating. In addition, this exciting idea has led her to create her own personal brand, Claudia di Paolo, in order to defend her special vision of the world of beauty, attending to what they are Its core values: elegance, efficiency, simplicity and honesty.