La Maison


In the heart of the 16th arrondissement, close to the Palais de Tokyo, Claudia di Paolo opens its first Parisian salon devoted to the beauty of face and hair: La Maison. 

This unique salon tells the story of 2 worlds, Japan & France. 

From the moment you arrive signs of hospitality, respect and kindness greet you. A beautiful expression of Japanese culture awaits you. 

Relaxation and tranquility are further enhanced by the neutral shades and natural materials, authentic parquet, wood, rough stone, rice paper, solid brass used in the design of the salon. 

The cabin interior with its ceiling adorned with “bas-reliefs” contributes to the complete feeling of total serenity.

The philosophy of facial sahos

Pure Indulgence and Refinement

Inspired by the ancestral Japanese beauty rituals, La Maison's beauty ceremonies “Kagayaki No Sahos” are offered in successive stages to ensure unprecedented efficacy, long lasting results and pure pleasure. Each stage, dosage and gesture is of key importance in the “Kagayaki No Sahos” beauty ceremonies.

The classical massage is very respectful of sensitive skin using acupressure points, delicate massage and trapezius relaxation techniques. Used in combination with the exceptional efficacy of EviDenS de Beauté products they create a very visible immediate anti-aging effect.

In substitution to the classical massage, La Maison offers a Japanese Lifting Massage. This massage is a natural manual alternative to tone skin, redesign face contours and lift facial features. The Japanese Lifting massage is not recommended for very sensitive skin as the techniques are based on a combination of subcutaneous muscles work, facial exercises and traditional Ko-Bi-Do techniques.

    Deep cleansing and oxygenation of the skin
    • This deep-cleansing “Skin Perfector” treatment frees the pores from impurities and the skin from toxins. Purified, detoxed, skin is smooth and matte, with a flawless complexion..

      - 60 min -

      95 €

    The solution for the driest and dehydrated skin
    • Created for dehydrated, dry and/or irritated skin this “Softness and Comfort” treatment brings deep and enduring nutrition to the skin.Developed with 8 amino acids it enhances and nourishes the skin to its optimal level and supports the ongoing natural hydration process. Skin is soothed, soft and radiant.

      - 60 min -

      PVP: 125 €


    Tonifies, lifts, tightens pores and brightens complexion
    • Specially designed for dull and tired skin. This amazing treatment provides an instant “icy wake up” effect for healthy looking skin. The skin is visibly lifted, toned, and brightened. Wonderfully adapted to be used at the beginning of your day or in the evening before going out for stunning glowing skin. 

      - 60 min -

      PVP: 125 €

    Absolute regeneration that reveals a new skin
    • Developed to fight against the first visible signs of aging and premature aging related to cellular oxidation, this Saho reactivates the vital functions of the skin. Thanks to The Moisture Lift Mask made of bio-collagen and enriched in Coenzyme Q10 and Vitamin E with antioxidant properties, skin is re-plumped, fully hydrated, supple and radiant.

      - 60 min -

      Precio 145 €

    Returns brightness to the skin and eliminates stains
    • Perfectly designed for complexions with pigmentation and dullness concerns this “Complexion Brightening” treatment reduces existing pigmentation spots and prevents new ones thanks to the Bright Domino Process® included within all products. The Brightening Anti-Aging Mask offers the efficacy of Morus Alba extract, a tyrosinase inhibitor that regulates the synthesis of melanin. The complexion looks clearer, more uniform and radiantly glowing. Ideal as a monthly cure of 4 sessions..

      - 60 min -

      PVP: 145 €

    Returns the density lost to the skin
    • Specially designed for sagging skins lacking firmness and tonicity,this ritual reshapes facial contours, reduces wrinkles and brightens the complexion. It combines the application of two masks and benefits from the exclusive EviDenS de Beauté anti-aging Triple Collagen® to restore density and help skin synthetize its own collagen. The results are visible from the first session. Particularly recommended on a monthly basis for a visible long lasting lifting effect..

      - 75 min -

      PVP: 195 €

    The ultimate anti-aging solution
    • Specifically developed to magnify skin’s beauty and soothe all signs of aging, this signature treatment is dedicated to mature, sagging, tired and dull looking skin. This “Absolute Global Anti-Aging Treatment” uses the Extreme line to provide a 360° targeted action on aging skin. It brings firmness, density, vitality and radiance to the skin. This comprehensive and unforgettable 90-minute treatment experience offers unprecedented results and ultimate comfort..¡

      - 90 min -

      PVP: 245 €

    Tendu-raffermissant. Restaure l'hydratation et la fermeté de ces zones délicates
    • The firming and toning treatment for neck and décolleté.
      (To add to the saho of your choice).

      - 45 min -

      PVP: 80 € 

    The anti-aging solution for the look
    • The anti-aging solution for the eye contour.
      (To add to the saho of your choice).

      - 20 min -

      PVP: 45 €

The Hair Spa

An authentic beauty clinic for hair

Considered as one of the most brilliant Hair Care Specialist and creator of the first Hair Spa in Spain, Claudia di Paolo launches her unique concept in France. True beauty Hair Clinic. Treatments are tailor made to clients’ particular issues. The exclusive treatments are developed with products containing active ingredients of natural origin that nourish the hair and add volume, shine, strength and beauty.

    To recover the natural blonde
    • This unique technique based on natural alpha hydroxy acids helps restore and recover brightness, tone and shine on blond or chestnut hair. It’s ideal to conceal root growth.

      - 45 min -

      PVP: 85 €

    Collagen and hydrolyzed protein treatment
    • For fine hair, this treatment with proteins and hydrolyzed collagen instantly restores body and dynamism.

      - 45 min -

      PVP: 85 €

    Stimulates and fights hair loss
    • For weak and anemic hair prone to hair loss, this treatment stimulates micro-blood circulation, oxygenates scalp and spectacularly helps hair to recover its volume, strength and density.

      - 45 min -.

      PVP: 85 €

    To get shiny hair
    • Developed with powerful botanical proteins, this treatment leaves a shiny glossy veil on dull hair; creating absolute luminosity it reflects light, acting like a mirror.

      - 45 min -

      PVP: 85 € 

    57/5000 Amino acid treatment for extreme hydration
    • Focused on dry and damaged hair, this treatment based on amino-acids and silk proteins repairs, provides deep hydration and leaves the hair amazingly supple, soft and shiny.

      - 50 min -

      PVP: 95 € 

    Recover the structure of very damaged hair
    • For highly damaged hair (through environmental or chemical factors), this treatment brings vigor, shine and texture back. The hair recovers its structure and regains health.

      - 60 min -

      PVP: 135 €

    Fight frizz with results never seen before
    • For frizzy-curly thick hair, this exclusive, natural and revolutionary treatment controls, contains and relaxes hair for 4 to 6 months. 

      - 1h 30 min -

      PVP: From 250€ on personalized estimate.

Practical Information

The duration given for any treatment corresponds precisely to the time spent in the cabin. To ensure that you enjoy every minute of pure relaxation and beautifying effectiveness, we suggest you arrive at La Maison EviDenS de Beauté at least 15 minutes before your first appointment and a few minutes for the following ones. You will be contacted 24h to 48h prior to your appointment to confirm it. Any uncancelled appointment 24h in advance will be invoiced.

La Maison
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