Spa Capilar

An authentic beauty clinic for your hair


In the market there are many treatments that do not meet personal expectations. They promise to improve the quality of the hair as if all the hair needed the same care. 

Claudia di Paolo, after 20 years working and researching the beauty of hair, uses specific and custom ingredients in her Spa Capilar, an authentic beauty clinic for your hair. There you will find the most effective treatments brought from all parts of the world. After a professional diagnosis, they will only give you the ingredients you need to get the hair you have always dreamed of.

In Claudia di Paolo's Spa Capilar you will have an exclusive treatment for you that will rigorously meet the needs of your hair. Because a weak hair is not the same as a thin one, a curly one or a curly one… You will get perfect hair that will beautify your face, update your overall image and make your daily life easier. And is that healthy hair is very easy to handle and allows to be ready in record time. And all accompanied by the expert advice of the 'hair doctors' about how, when, and what products have you to use to get the desired result in your particular case.

    To recover the natural blond
    • The most beautiful blonde hairs in the world are achieved with this natural peeling with Alpha Hydroxy Acids, exfoliating agents that act on the dirt of the capillary fiber. This revolutionary treatment returns to the blond hair the original luminosity, tone and clarity, without generating root.

      Perfect for recovering the blonde hair from childhood and end the opacity and gray tone, without wicks, or spacing the application time to the maximum.

      Duration: 45 minutes.
      Price: 68 € / 78 €

    Amino acid treatment for an extreme hydration
    • Dry, damaged hair and/or lack of hydration is very difficult to handle, and has a tendency to have open ends and a messy appearance.

      The solution to repair it in depth is this complete treatment formulated with Amino acids, that maintain hydration; Collagen, to provide flexibility and avoid breakages; and Silk Proteins, that bring shine and softness.

      Duration: 50 minutes.
      Price: 68 €

    Treatment of hydrolyzed protein and collagen that fattens the hair
    • In fine hair and with lack of volume, the hairstyle does not last and the appearance is usually excessively glued to the face. The perfect solution is this Volume Treatment, which combines the action of proteins and of hydrolyzed collagen to thicken the hair.

      Duration: 40 minutes.
      Price: 58 €

    It oxygenates, stimulates and combats hair loss
    • To combat hair loss you have to act directly on the hair bulb or hair root, stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate the scalp.

      This is how the vitamins of this magnificent treatment work. They help regain lost hair recently.

      Your hair will regain volume, strength and movement.

      Duration: 45 minutes.
      Price: 68 €

    Restores structure of highly damaged hair
    • The hair is damaged by:
      - Environmental factors such as excess solar radiation, high temperatures, humidity, environmental dryness or pollution.
      - Mechanical factors such as brushing.
      - Chemical agents such as cosmetics used in discolorations or permanents, hair dyes…

      The consequence is the loss of vigor, shine and texture in the hair.

      ¿The solution? Extreme Reconstruction. The treatment able to recover the structure and give the best look to the most damaged hair.

      Duration: 1 hour.
      Price: 120 €

    To get shiny hair like patent leather
    • A dull hair is not beautiful hair. The GLOSS treats the surface of the hair as if it were a varnish to combat this problem. It deposits a thin film on the hair fiber and achieves a glossy effect like patent leather. A durable treatment with botanical proteins, A treatment that does not generate root effect and that is disappearing with the washes.

      The result is natural and very light.

      Duration: 50 minutes.
      Price: 68 €

    Fights frizz with unprecedented results
    • The problem of frizziness affects almost all women, who fight daily against it.

      The solution is the Capillary Lifting. A treatment with results never seen before, A real revolution. At last you can say goodbye to frizz and uncontrollable curls.

      Duration: 4/6 months.
      Price: from 150 €

    Absolutely restores colored hair
    • The star treatment created by the best colorist in the world, Christophe Robin, and used by international celebrities as Catherine Deneuve, Kylie Minogue or Tilda Swinton.

      It completely restores dyed and / or wavy hair thanks to its wonderful formulation. A combination of assets like lavender oil, cornflower, rice protein, Omega 3 and 6 and antioxidants like cranberry, which repairs, hydrates and strengthens the hair fiber while sealing the cuticle. It prevents deterioration of color pigments and enhances maximum brightness and maximum strength in hair.

      Duration: 50 minutes.
      Price: 79 €

    Customized solutions
    • Each hair is unique and personal, and may need several solutions to get the best results. The experts will decide what is most appropriate and prepare a tailor-made treatment.

      Price: from 68 €