The Brightening Cream

30 ml

A non-oily melt-in nano-emulsion that removes existing dark spots. 

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A non-oily melt-in nano-emulsion that removes existing dark spots. Highly concentrated in QAI® Complex agents ( Triple Collagen, Q10 co-enzyme, Amino Acids, Mulberry Root extract ) and in Bright Domino Process® agents (Licorice, Ceramid, Vitamin C...), The Brightening Cream penetrates deeply to focus its action on reducing and removing dark spots. The Brightening Cream nourishes and protects, the complexion becomes even, luminous, flawless and glows with youth.

Active Ingredients

  • Anti-aging: QAI® Complex agents
  • Moisturizing & Refreshing: Eau de la Foux 
  • Emollient & Protecting: Squalene Domino Process® 
  • Brightening: Licorice, Fullerene, Vitamin C, Fig Leave 
  • Hydrating: Hyaluronic Acid, Ceramid 
  • Smoothing: Macadamia Oil, Jojoba Oil, Moringa Oil 
  • Soothing & Protecting: Chamomile

Use it right

Apply morning and night after using the Brightening Serum, The Brightening Creamis to be used on your whole face and neck, ideally as a 28-day treatment or on a regular basis according to the pigmentation stains. Place a few drops on your face and massage into your skin. In the morning, do not forget to use The Facial Sunscreeen (SPF 30.)