Jardin de Grasse

Glass bottle 100 ml

"Jardin de Grasse is a sweet parenthesis, a reminder of the scents from our childhood."

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Close your eyes and let yourself be swept away by the sweet feelings it inspires. A sunny, fruity fragrance, which blossoms in a bouquet of flowers with rounded notes, where the freshness of Jasmine, Rose and Tuberose intertwine. Imagine the authentic landscapes of Provençal gardens, the powdery colors of the landscapes of Southern France and the purity of a blue sky.

Jardin de Grasse is a fresh and flowery perfume, simply elegant. A lively and delicate composition created in Grasse, the cradle of French perfumery, from the crystalline Water of Foux.This essence, sparkling with femininity, blossoms with delicate fruity and green notes of Apple, Peach, Alganum, Greenery and Bergamot. The heart of this fragrance truly is a bouquet of freshly cut flowers where one can find notes of Lily of the valley, Jasmine, Tuberose, Rose and Carnation flower, which celebrate the joy of life. A light breeze slightly tinged with notes of White Ambergris, sweet Musk and a touch of Cedarwood closes up this olfactory stroll in the heart of Provence. Day after day, let yourself be swept away by this subtle and delicate flowery white trail whose refinement and delight are without equal.

Hardin de Grasse is also the divine olfactory signature of the EviDenS de Beauté range of skin care products.