Loose Powder Banane

Banane – Very soft, pale yellow: A unique light-reflecting shade, it literally illuminates the face.

Using rice starch, the T.LeClerc Loose Powder creates a perfect mattness and ensures lasting hold. The powder’s talc content gives it a fine and incredibly soft texture. Zinc oxide offers optimum correction of minor skin blemishes.

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Transforming your complexion using the legendary T.LeClerc Powder

The T.LeClerc Powder is unequalled in its ability to attract light and correct minor blemishes whilst creating a radiant complexion. Its ingenious manufacturing process and ingredients are still closely guarded secrets. The T.LeClerc make-up artist Eduardo shares his application tips for a deliciously powdery and stunning complexion.

The T.LeClerc Powder illuminates and conceals. Apply to the entire face using the powder puff or as a blusher using the brush to lift your complexion. It comes in a range of stunning colors, from pinky shades to create a healthy glow, to the Safran shade, for a sunkissed look. Its light finish creates a perfect complexion and allows your skin to breathe. Wear the celebrated T.LeClerc Powder in the day to even out the complexion, or at night for ultra-radiant skin.

Applying a Powder
To create a perfect complexion and “tight” skin grain, use the powder puff:
1. Dab the powder puff on the powder.
2. Squash the powder puff into the palm of the hand to fix the pigments to the powder puff.
3. Then apply a generous amount of powder to the face by dabbing the powder puff or using sweeping movements working from the bottom to the top of the face.
4. Remove excess Powder using our large brush (PIN 1).

To create a lighter finish, apply using a brush (PIN 1):
1. Dab the brush onto the powder.
2. Press the brush down into the palm of the hand to fix the pigments to the brush.
3. Apply the powder to the entire face using circular movements, not forgetting the neck and behind the ears to prevent a “mask” effect.

For a more subtle finish, apply using a brush (PIN 1) and a tissue.
1. Dab the brush lightly onto the powder.
2. Hold a tissue in the palm of your hand.
3. Make a circular movement of the brush in the tissue.
4. Apply the powder to the face: natural look guaranteed!

Tips on applying your Loose Powder from our make-up artist:
Loose Powder applied to shiny areas (the T-zone) will create an immediate matt effect. Dab with the powder puff, paying particular attention to the sides of the nose.